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Rector's Office, University Council, University Bodies, and Administration of the University

University Council

In May 2008, an additional body was set up: the University Council. It has five internal and five external members drawn from science, politics, and business. Its responsibilities include electing the members of the Rector's Office, addressing issues in higher education development, advising the Rector's Office, and supervising the management of the university.

Rector's Office

The Rector's Office is composed of the rector, the prorectors, and the chancellor. As the formal head of the university, it is responsible for all university affairs apart from those regulated by the Federal University and College Act or the German constitution.

University Bodies:

-> Senate
University Trustees


Commission for Financial Affairs and Resources
Commission for Organization Development
Commission for Research and Young Scientists
Commission for Studies and Teaching
Commission for Fees

Further Commissions:

Teacher-Training Commission
Library Commission
Commission for Equal Opportunity for Women and Men
University Representative for the Development and Maintenance of International Relations
Working Party "Environmental Protection"

Student Representation:

General Students' Committee (AStA), International Students' Association (ISR)
Student Faculty Councils

University Administration

Communication Department
Press Office

// Administration

  • Department I: Planning, Controlling, Data Processing
  • Department II: Academic and Student Affairs, Legal Office
  • Department III: Personnel
  • Department FM: Facility Management - Industrial Engineering, Planning and Construction, Building and Landscape Management, Safety, Health, and Environment Protection
  • Department F: Finance Management - Personnel Accounting, Cost and Performance Accounting, Bookkeeping and Accounting, Business Affairs, Bursar's Office
  • Department Z: Internal Services, Organization, Central Services, Benefits Assessment Office, Central Procurement
  • Department ZFF: Central Research Promotion, Transfer
  • Decentralized administration offices

For more information on the single units and departments, click -> here.


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