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DAAD- Research Training Network

Strategic Goals

This proposed collaboration network between Dr. Imène ZENDAH EL EUCH (Faculté des Sciences de Tunis, Tunisia), Dr. Mohamed Attia SHAABAN (National Research Centre, Dokki-Cairo, Egypt), and Prof. Dr. Norbert SEWALD (Bielefeld University, Germany) intends to join forces in Graduate Research and Education. PhD students will be exchanged to broaden and deepen the scientific education of the graduates. They will be exposed to different experimental techniques and very much profit from the interdisciplinary training offered. The conception of the units follows the motif of concerted learning: a combination of introductory training by expert supervisors, hands-on learning "on the bench" and subsequent teaching about research and methods among the PhD peers. Scientific staff will be exchanged to support this process and to exchange ideas and discuss approaches and results. The project will foster the development of high-level interdisciplinary scientific skills (microbiology, molecular biology, organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, and novel technologies in analytical and biophysical chemistry), promoting the mobility of graduate students and young researchers towards other countries. This will train the communication skills and improve intercultural competences. Moreover it will help them in building strong and permanent international personal relationships through scientific and technical partnerships.