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DAAD- Research Training Network

Novel Cytotoxic Drugs from Extremophilic Actinomycetes


The project aims at the establishment of a Research Training Network between Tunisia, Egypt, and Germany devoted to Natural Product Chemistry. Graduate research is to be considered as an important component in academic science with high relevance to the development of the particular discipline and the society. The intensive exchange of personnel, materials, and ideas between the partners of the Research Training Network will strengthen the transnational interdisciplinary collaboration in research, development, and training. Cytotoxic compounds from extremophilic Actinomycetes will be in the focus of the research activities. The training programme focuses on different aspects of natural product research, e.g., microbiology, molecular biology, organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, and novel technologies in analytical and biophysical chemistry. Multidisciplinary approaches will be employed to explore the yet undiscovered wealth of natural products, isolate them, elucidate their chemical structure with modern spectroscopic methods and to identify and validate molecular targets for innovative treatment.


Prof. Dr. Norbert Sewald (German Co-Ordinator)
Department of Chemistry
Bielefeld University
Bielefeld, Germany

Dr. Imène Zendah El Euch (Tunisian Co-Ordinator)
Laboratoire des Microorganismes et des Biomolécules Actives (LMBA)
Faculté des Sciences de Tunis
Université de Tunis el Manar
Tunis, Tunisia

Associate Prof. Mohamed Attia Shaaban Mahmoud (Egyptian Co-Ordinator)
Chemistry of Natural Compounds Department
Pharmaceutical Industries Division
National Research Centre
Dokki-Giza, Egypt


The Research Training Network Novel Cytotoxic Drugs from Extremophilic Actinomycetes is being funded by DAAD in the frame of the German-Arab partnership.
In its partnership Germany has been monitoring the political changes in the Arab region since 2011. University education and academic cooperation play an important role in times of social and political change. The German-Arab partnership creates additional opportunities for the reform efforts of Arab universities in collaboration with German partner universities, supported by funding from the Federal Foreign Office.