CITEC (Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology)

CeBiTec buildingEverything from everyday appliances to robots: researchers at the Cluster of Excellence Center in Cognitive Interactive Technology (CITEC) at Bielefeld University develop technical systems that are intuitive and easy to operate for human users. Future technology should adapt to the human user - not the other way around.

Since 2007, researchers have been investigating the scientific principles necessary for endowing machines with cognitive abilities. These machines should be able to interact naturally with people and adjust to changing situations. Researching the scientific foundations of cognitive interaction technology, a research area founded by CITEC, is the necessary pioneering work.

Interdisciplinary research activities at CITEC are organized into four main areas: motor intelligence, attentive systems, situated communication, and memory and learning. Our round about 260 members hail from 28 research groups and five faculties: Biology, Linguistics and Literary Studies, Mathematics, Psychology and Sports Science, and Technology.

We anchor in top-class research through our "virtual faculty", comprised of 43 leading international experts from the field of cognitive interaction technology.

The integrated Graduate School has about 100 doctoral candidates and offers a cross-faculty qualification in this interdisciplinary research area.

CITEC partners with the strategic partners from industry, economy and social welfare and health care like the v. Bodelschwingh Foundation Bethel, Miele, Bertelsmann, and the Honda Research Institute.

As part of the Excellence Initiative of the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG), CITEC is funded by the state and federal governments. At present, the second funding period runs until 2017.