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Living in Bielefeld

Accommodation in Bielefeld

Do you already have an accommodation in Bielefeld or do you plan to move within Bielefeld. At the link -> Accommodation you will find several information about finding suitable accommodation in Bielefeld.

Do you know what you have to think on if you live in Germany? The radio license fee for example has to be paid by every household or your electricity payments have to be organised by yourself, because they are not included in the general rent.


If you are moving within Bielefeld you have several options to organise it. With a driver's license you can hire a car. Another option is to hire a removal firm. Therefore you can use the portal umzug-easy , which will show you the best option for you.

At AStA there is an opportunity to rent a car from cambio for a good price. For students and employees at Bielefeld University there is a special offer. You can find all important information ->here.

Second Hand Shops in Bielefeld

In Bielefeld you can find several opportunities to shop in second hand bargains. The following collection of addresses and links is only a sample of possibilities in Bielefeld.

Information about driver's license (Führerschein) in Germany

There are specific regulations if you want to use your foreign driver´s license in Germany.
If you are a citizen of the EU or the European Economic Area, your driver´s license will be accepted if:

  • You have, at the date of issuance, already lived in the country of issuance for at least 185 days and
  • The foreign license is still valid
In that case you are not obliged to apply for a German driving license.

If you are a third-country-national (non-EU or European Economic Area citizen) and have a driving license, you may use your foreign driver´s license for 6 months after legal residence, if:

  • You have, at the date of issuance, already lived in the country of issuance for at least 185 days and
  • The foreign license is still valid
If you want to use your foreign driver's license for more than 6 months in Germany, there is a possibility of converting it into an unlimited German driver's license. Check this -> list to see whether additional classes and tests are required for converting it.

If your home country is not included in the list above, you need to take both the theoretic and practical (driving) exams in Germany, which require driving lessons and theory units at a driving school.

Further Information

You are principally not allowed to drive a car in Germany if you only have a provisional driver's license or a driver's license which still requires an exam in the country of issuance. Licenses of that type may not be converted. Exceptions can be found in the already mentioned list.
To have your driver´s license converted, the following documents are necessary:

  • passport or ID
  • original foreign driving license and translation in German
  • photo
You have to present your driver's license recognition application, with the documents listed above, to the licensing authority of the municipality. It is important to underline that for this service, you will have to pay an administrative fee. More about the offices
-> here.

Driver's license exam

The driver's license exam consists of two parts, the theoretical test and the practical (driving) exam. While the theoretical test can be taken in English and in 10 other languages (Turkish, Russian, French, Italian, Croatian, Polish, Portuguese, Rumanian, Spanish and Greek), the driving part has to be taken in German and the presence of an interpreter is not allowed. Driving schools rarely offer theory lessons in English. It is more common that the lessons are taken in German, whereas the exercises and training tests can be taken in English (or one of the 10 languages above). There are driving schools that offer practical lessons in specific foreign languages, such as Arabic, English, Russian and Turkish.

In any case, a minimum number of hours of theory and practical lessons is required in order to be able to take the exams.



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