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-> Bielefeld University combines classic higher education traditions with innovative structures in research and teaching. Recognised research capabilities, technology transfer and excellent opportunities for further education have made it one of the best universities in Germany and have helped to spread the University's fame far beyond Germany's borders. Founded in 1969, Bielefeld University today has 13 faculties with around 300 professors and more than 1,200 other scientific and non-scientific staff members, and approx. 24,000 students attending one of the 80 distinctive courses.

The distinguishing characteristic of Bielefeld University is its interdisciplinary identity. This is true both in research as in teaching. A shining example of this is the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research which brings together international experts from various disciplines in order to complete common projects. The University has succeeded in establishing a focus on interdisciplinary research in fields which have earned it both national and international recognition. Only recently, Bielefeld University's research excellence was reapproved, when in 2007 both the cluster Cognitive Interaction Technology (Human-Machine Communication) and the Bielefeld International Graduate School in History and Sociology were successful within the framework of the Initiative for Excellence supported by the German federal state Government.

The University's main building on the edge of the Teutoburg Forest is unique in its architectural concept; all departments, research facilities, laboratories, services, and lecture halls are located under one roof. All lecture halls branch off the central university hall. This is the university's own internal market place with shops and services, cafes and restaurants, exhibitions and information boards. In this way, the architecture encourages interdisciplinary collaboration and also facilitates every-day communication and networking amongst all members of the university.

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