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University Library

-> Bielefeld University Library represents with its collection of about 2 mill. books and journals and its permanently growing choice of scientifically relevant electronic fulltexts not only the main library of Bielefeld University which was founded in 1967, but also one of the most important general libraries of the whole region of EastWestphalia-Lippe. About 95 % of the collection is for open access and arranged by subject in the reading rooms, which occupy almost the entire first floor of the building. With opening hours until 1 am throughout the week and 10 pm on weekends, Bielefeld University Library is one of the front-runners among German libraries.

-> Hours and Directions

If you want to borrow books or other library items, you will need a library card. You can obtain it free of charge from the -> Central Loan Department (Zentrale Leihstelle). Please ask the -> International Office to prepare your library card which you will have to collect personally from the Zentrale Leihstelle.

For more information about Bielefeld University Library,
please visit the -> Library Profile.


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