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Faculties and Institutes

Bielefeld University concentrates teaching and research on a series of classic academic disciplines ranging from the natural sciences across the humanities to the social sciences in a total of 13 faculties:


In addition to its 13 faculties, Bielefeld University also hosts a number of central scientific institutes:

Further scientific institutes and centers are also located within the individual faculties, for example:

One special institute is the -> Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF) set up in 1968 to model the "Centers for Advanced Study" in the United States. It hosts (short-term) workshops, (intermediate) cooperation groups, and (long-term) research groups that meet to develop, discuss, and research those issues that may well be of crucial scientific significance simply due to being located either on the peripheries of the increasingly specialized single disciplines or on the interfaces between them. Scientists from both Bielefeld and other universities at home and abroad work together on these projects. The ZiF makes a major contribution to the international profile of Bielefeld University.

Also linked to Bielefeld University are two renowned progressive school projects, the
-> Laborschule and the -> Oberstufen-Kolleg. School-leaving certificates from the Oberstufen-Kolleg, a pilot project run by the state of North-Rhine Westphalia, grant access to higher education in all federal states.

The -> Media Service Center (SCM), the -> Computing Service (HRZ), and the University Library (UB) are central service units at Bielefeld University.
Other science-related institutes are the -> Transfer Office and the
-> Contact Office for Scientific Continuing Education (KWW), and - last but not least - the -> University Sports Center.

Institutions Associated With the University


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