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In Case of Emergency

In Germany, the opening hours of doctors are usually from Monday to Friday. A list of doctors familiar with languages other than German you can request from

If there is an emergency during the weekend you can call the following emergency hotlines:

  • Medical practices on weekdays and weekends:
    Monday-Friday: 7pm-10pm
    Saturday & Sunday: 9am-10pm
    Phone: 0521 13 69 29 2
  • Medical Info hotline: Phone: 192 92
  • Ambulance: Phone: 112
  • ->Pharmacy
  • Fire and rescue service: Phone: 112
  • Police: Phone: 110
  • Emergency dentist: Phone: (0521) 44 24 64

->Here you can find updated information on all emergency services.


Help Desk
Monday til Friday:
Room: C5-133

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