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  Andrianambinina A. Razakarivony
Andrianambinina A. Razakarivony

Dissertation on 26th February 2016 in Madagascar

Dissertation Razakarivony

Search for the antiplasmodial constituent descended from the secondary metabolite of some endemic plants (Myrsinaceae) in Madagascar and its Endophytic fungi

Malaria ranks among the most widespread diseases in the world. It poses a major threat to virtually one third of the world population, thus affecting 600 million individuals and causes 1 to 1.5 million deaths every year[1]. In order to eradicate this calamity root and branch, more extensive medical research is needed in order to find out the appropriate medicine making it accessible to the masses. Besides, the occurrence of resistance to both insecticides and anti-malarial medicine poses a major problem for instance artemisinin speaks about this alarming situation.

Researches into new anti-malarial molecules are top priority. But in spite of the enormous progress of the combinative chemistry and the bioassay, the natural substances constitute an inexhaustible source of bioactive molecules.

The aim of our project is to isolate anti-malarial molecules by chromatographic methods and elucidate their structures by using modern spectroscopic techniques of some endemic and medicinal plants of Madagascar and its endophytic fungi.

The valorization of the endemic medicinal plants of Madagascar is therefore an urgent priority to find new bioactive compounds antiplasmodial that could be made accessible to the masses.

[1] WHO Global Malaria Programme, World Malaria Report 2011