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  Dr. Binod Babu Pageni
Dr. Binod Babu Pageni
Raum: F2-225
Telefon: 0521 106 67090
Fax: 0521 106 8094

Biosynthesis of cryptophycin from Nostoc sp. ATCC 53789

Cryptophycin, a potent anticancer drug, has been isolated from cyanobacteria Nostoc sp. ATCC 53789 and its close relative Nostoc sp. GSV 224. These strains naturally produce more than 25 derivatives of cryptophycin class of secondary metabolites. Cryptophycin works by attacking the tubulin microfilaments found in eukaryotic cells and thereby preventing cell division and reproduction. Cryptophycin has unique property of destroying tumor cells with as yet unknown mechanism, which allows it to show the action with the cancerous tumor cells and even those of solide tumors in brain, colon, ovarian, prostrate, pancreas, lung and breast cancers. Genes responsible for the biosynthesis of cryptophycin have not been characterized well. After biochemical characterization of individual genes responsible for cryptophycin biosynthesis would help to generate the novel cryptophycin analogue in future, this would be genuine contribution in drug discovery.