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Personal data for Jean Rodolphe Chouna

  Jean Rodolphe Chouna
Jean Rodolphe Chouna
PhD student
Raum: F2-270
Telefon: 0521 106 2148


Search of secondary metabolites with Atimicrobial (Antimalarial) Property in Cameroonian Medicinal Plants: Albizia (Mimosaceae), Beilschmiedia (Lauraceae), Psorospermun (Hypericaceae)

The percentage of people who still depend upon herbal medicine for their basic health care still increase in rural areas of developing countries such as Cameroon. But there is lack of scientific investigation on a large number of medicinal plants. Therefore, the main aim of this project is to carry out phytochemical and pharmacological research, in collaboration with the ALANGO FOUNDATION (African Phytomedecine center, Dschang-Cameroun) on the genus Albizia (Mimosaceae), Beilschmiedia (Lauraceae), Psorospermun (Hypericaceae), which are used by local population in Cameroon to treat microbial infections. This can lead to pre-processed fractions containing the active agents of the medicinal plants. We also intend to search if these plants may possess additional properties.