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  Dr. Katharina Gaus
Dr. Katharina Gaus
Scientific co-worker
Room: F2-138
Phone: 0521 106 2604


Molecular functionality is often determined by the three-dimensional structure of the reactants, especially in biological processes. Therefore, understanding of structure and structure-activity-relationships is important in present-day science. A prominent method to elucidate three-dimensional structures is NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) spectroscopy in combination with molecular dynamics calculations.

This methodology is applied to different problems. In order to understand the structure-activity-relationship of cyclic RGD-peptides and their binding to integrins, a number of these peptides are investigated. Secondly, the binding of transcription factor PhoB epitopes to DNA is explored. In addition, a photoswitchable molecule (para-AzoTANDEM) derived from the quinoxaline antibiotic Triostin A is studied in regard to its photoswitchability, structure and DNA binding.