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Personal data for Dr. Markus Ritzefeld

  Dr. Markus Ritzefeld
Dr. Markus Ritzefeld
PhD Student
Room: F2-270/225
Phone: 0521 106 2148/67090

DNA-Peptide Interactions of the Bacterial Transcription Factor PhoB

The goal of this project is to investigate the molecular recognition between epitopes of the transcription factor PhoB and DNA. The peptide epitopes are synthesized using microwave assisted solid phase peptide synthesis. Functional investigations will be done on the single molecule level using atomic force spectroscopy and with ensemble methods like surface plasmon resonance. Furthermore, the transcription factor is altered using the transpeptidase Sortase A to modify the DNA-affinity. Another subsection of this project deals with the specific fluorescence-labeling of the protein in order to perform FRET-experiments.


This project is supported by the DFG (SFB 613) and by the German National Academic Foundation (Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes).

List of Publications

M. Ritzefeld, K.Wollschläger, A. Körnig, M. Birlo, R. Ros, D. Anselmetti, N. Sewald, The Transcriptional Activator PhoB: Chemical Synthesis of Epitopes and Functional Studies, in: M. Lebl, M. Meldal, K. J. Jensen, T. Hoeg-Jensen (Eds), Proceedings of the 31st European Peptide Symposium, European Peptide Society, 2010, 478-479.

M. Ritzefeld, K.Wollschläger, G. Niemann, D. Anselmetti, N. Sewald, Minor groove recognition is important for the transcription factor PhoB: a surface plasmon resonance study, Mol. BioSyst., 2011, 7, 3132-3142.

M. Ritzefeld, N. Sewald, Real-time Analysis of Specific Protein-DNA Interactions with Surface Plasmon Resonance, J. Amino Acids, 2012, Article ID 816032, doi:10.1155/2012/816032.