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Personal data for Peter Schröder

  Peter Schröder
Peter Schröder
Diploma student
Room: F2-246
Phone: 0521 106 2145


The aim of my research is to synthesize and modify a kinase inhibitor to generate a probe for affinity based protein profiling.

Kinases are a very important class of enzymes involved in metabolism and especially in signal transduction. It is of major interest to detect and analyse the expression level of these enzymes concerning cancer and immune diseases[1]. I am especially interested in the synthesis of probes by modification of kinase inhibitors. The Src-kinase family should be addressed selectively using this molecular probe. It should be assembled by a building block strategy[2] with a modified reversible inhibitor, a reactive group and a reporter functionality (fig. 1).

Fig. 1: Building blocks of activity-based probes.

The reactive group is necessary for reversible inhibitors to form a covalent bond with the target protein. This can be separated by 2D-SDS-page without dissociation and enables the detection of the kinase fragments by the reporter group[3].

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