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  Suzie Donkwe
Suzie Donkwe
PhD student
Room: F2-264
Phone: 0521 106 2147

Phytochemical Investigation and Bio-activity of Cameroonian Medicinal Plants: Hannoa (Simaroubaceae) and Afraegle (Rutaceae)

Hannoa (Simaroubaceae) and Afraegle (Rutaceae) genus are largely used by the local populations in traditional medicine in Cameroon for the treatment of diabetes, hypertension, cancer, malaria and bronchitis. They must carry out a bioassay-guided fractionation to identify bioactive compounds in the crude extracts, isolate the pure compound by chromatographic methods and elucidate their structures by modern spectroscopic techniques. Cytotoxicity and toxicity to be carried out and isolated compounds could lead the discovery of active fractions and new drugs.To prepare the actif fraction and cheap for the population.