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 Sabrina Müller
Sabrina Müller
PhD student
Room: F2-240
Phone: 0521 106 2144

Modulation of interactions between peptides/proteins and DNA using heterocyclic polyamides

Polyamides as the naturally occurring Distamycin A and Netropsin are known to target A,T rich oligonucleotide sequences. Dervan et al. developed the preparation of synthetic substitutes for these molecules in order to address different DNA sequences in a distinct way. These synthetic analogs are composed of three different aromatic amino acids forming two antiparallel stands of polyamides connected by means of an ?-aminobutyric acid linker. This so called hairpin possesses pairs of oppositely building blocks. The knowledge of pairing rules between polyamide monomers and oligonucleotide base pairs facilitates the design of tailored DNA binders.

Binding model for the complex between 5´-TGTACA-3´ and ImHpPyPy-γ-ImHpPyPy β-Dp. Putative hydrogen bonds are shown as dashed lines.

Dervan, P. B. Bioorg. Med. Chem.2001, 9, 2215-2235.