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Equal Opportunities Commissions and Cooperation

The establishment of central and decentralised networks and cooperation is a fundamental part of our equal opportunities work. Bringing equal opportunity to the agenda within the structure of the University is supported and fostered by the following agencies and institutions:


Gender equality




Gender studies at Bielefeld University

MA Gender Studies


Commission for gender equality (Kommision für die gleichstellung von frauen und männern (FGK))

The Commission for Gender Equality (FKG) is made up of three representatives of each of the various status groups.

Founded in 1989, the Sekretärinnen AG is a working group of secretaries from various faculties and departments of Bielefeld University that liases with Equal Opportunity Officers, the Staff Council and the trade union ver.di.


Decentralised equal opportunity agencies

Decentralised Equal Opportunities Commission and Officers

Equal Opportunity plans of faculties and departments

The brochure Genderchance Dezentral (online version), a guide to equal opportunities in faculties


Interdisciplinary centre for women's and gender studies (IFF)

Interdisciplinary Centre for Women's and Gender Studies (IZG)


Human resources

movement - Mentoring service for women


AStA - Student union

Equal Opportunities Office of AStA (Student Union)


Department SLK

The Center for teaching and learning offers information, courses and services in and around gender-neutral teaching and studying.


Junge Uni



Cooperation outside the university

Beyond the University we are engaged in equal opportunities work at federal level in the context of bukof (Federal Conference of Gender Equality Officers in Higher Education in Germany) as well as at the regional state level in collaboration with LaKoF (Regional State Conference of Gender Equality Officers in Higher Education in NRW).

Our student assistants are active in KostA (Commission on Student Affairs of LaKof NRW), the statewide association of student advisors who are engaged with putting forward issues on gender equality in NRW. KostA is a commission of LaKof and represented in the political round table of women.
























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