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The Equal Opportunities Office

Dr. Uschi Baaken

Equal Opportunities Officer

Alexandra Kühnen

Equal Opportunities Officer (for administration)
Dipl. Social worker and supervisor

Katrin Velten

Equal Opportunities Officer (for academia)

Siân Birkner

Equal Opportunities Officer (for student body)
Student of Gender Studies (M.A.)

Jutta Grau

Staff in Office for Women
Consultant für Gender Controlling
M.A. history science

Yulika Ogawa-Müller

Consultant of the Equal Opportunities Officer
Dipl. Sociologist

Dr. Susan Banihaschemi

Staff in PR
Dipl. Soziologist


Why equal opportunities?

The realisation of equal opportunity is one of the most important strategic aims of the Rektorat and is made concrete in the current equal opportunity concept of Bielefeld University. The Equal Opportunities Officers are supporting and advising the University in this important crosscutting task, for which there is a need to act on many levels and in numerous areas.

The figures show that although women make up over 50 per cent of students at Bielefeld University, by the doctoral stage this percentage has decreased and there are still too few women in professorships. In contrast, nearly 100 per cent of administration and secretarial staff are female. These positions are low paid and offer little chance of promotion.

To break down this structural discrimination is the common task for all university students and staff; expertise and advice is available from the central (and decentralised) Equal Opportunities Officers.

The challenge does not only concern human resources. It also requires further measures in the development plans of the University, equal opportunity plans and other concepts so that men and women alike can learn and work at Bielefeld University according to their expectations.


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The Equal Opportunities Office is the first place to go to make appointments and ask questions of any kind.