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Questions on occupational health and safety (AGUS staff unit)

The AGUS team are available to advise you on all matters relating to occupational safety, health and environmental protection. You can also contact the AGUS team if you have any questions about crisis management or the EVALARM crisis app.

For further information on occupational safety, health and environmental protection, click here.

Contact via E-Mail arbeitssicherheit@uni-bielefeld.de

Advice for employees and management

Advisory for employees and management
Universitätsstraße 25
33615 Bielefeld

Ulf Kirse

Diploma Psychologist
Room: UHG /M5-119

Phone: (0521) 106-67636
E-Mail: ulf.kirse@uni-bielefeld.de

Heidrun Kuhnt

Diploma Social Worker (UAS)
Systemic Supervisor (SG)

Room: UHG /M5-119

Phone: (0521) 106-67636
E-Mail: heidrun.kuhnt@uni-bielefeld.de

Find further information here (in German).

Advice for students

The ZSB Student Advising and Counselling Service offers free advice on all aspects of your studies. The ZSB provides support in case of problems and difficulties arising in all phases of your studies, up to and including your graduation or doctoral studies.

Further information can be found on the ZSB website.

Kontakt per Mail: zsb@uni-bielefeld.de

Security service/ Safety escort service

If you feel unsafe or fearful on campus, you may contact the security service and ask to be safely escorted on your way to the car park, bus stop or to halls of residence on campus.

Room: X E0 - 206
Phone (University internal landline): 3277
From mobile phone 0521 - 106 3277
E-Mail: sicherheitsdienst@uni-bielefeld.de
Central control

If you see defective safety equipment, please contact the University's central control.

Phone (University internal landline: 7777
From mobile phone: 0521 - 106 7777
E-Mail: leitwarte@uni-bielefeld.de