The Future of Teleosemantics


A Research Conference
Bielefeld University, September 6th-8th 2018

organized by the research project Advancing Teleosemantics (SCHU 2860/2-1, NI 1320/2-1), funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).


  • Marc Artiga Universitat de València web
  • Hajo Greif TU München
  • Frank Hofmann Université du Luxembourg web
  • Rebekka Hufendiek Universität Basel web
  • Fabian Hundertmark Universität Bielefeld web
  • Ruth Millikan University of Connecticut web
  • David Papineau King's College London web
  • Nicholas Shea University of London web
  • Peter Schulte Universität Bielefeld web
  • Ulrich Stegmann University of Aberdeen web
  • Markus Wild Universität Basel web

What the Conference Will be About    Teleosemantics is one of the most fruitful research programs in contemporary philosophy of mind. Since its inception in the 1980s, it has continuously been refined, enhanced and extended to new domains, and recent years have seen a number of exciting new developments in this field. The conference aims to bring together leading theorists and younger researchers to discuss the present state of teleosemantics as well as its future.

Venue     The venue of the conference is building X, room A2-103 at Bielefeld University. maps of the campus

Schedule and information     The final schedule of the conference is here.

Registration    Attendance is free of charge. To register, please email Peter ( with the subject line “Conference Registration: The Future of Teleosemantics”.